14 grudnia o godzinie 10:00 zapraszamy na webinar "Jak sprzedawać więcej w ecommerce?"

14 grudnia o godzinie 10:00 zapraszamy na webinar
"Jak sprzedawać więcej w ecommerce?"

xSale PIM
Complex management of the product database with the PIM system from xSale
xSale is your hub for product content and its distribution to different sales channels. You can easily control all your products in one place thanks to an intuitive application.
xSale PIM
One system to manage product information and automate online sales.
xSale is a modern product information management system. It is perfect for companies in various industries, with eCommerce in mind. xSale PIM helps you improve the quality of your product information, update catalogs, deliver product data faster across all channels, save time and money, increase sales, and deliver a great product experience
Why do you need a PIM system?
Managing, editing and delivering product information is time consuming . PIM xSale helps you to centralize , optimize and publish in all relevant channels all product related, technical and/or marketing information about all your products
You make each change only once, in a central location, and automatically update all channels.
You reduce potential mistakes with centralized data storage, management, enhancement, validation and data reconciliation.
With better data quality, you can provide your customers with a consistent shopping experience across all channels.
You can find the product and all related product information faster and adapt it to current trends and market requirements.
You create marketing and SEO materials faster and publish them to multiple channels simultaneously (your online store, marketplace)
You will integrate with over 30 of the most popular ecommerce systems. Platforms sales platforms, couriers, ERP systems, print engine in one intuitive xSale application.
You will gain greater transparency and flexibility in structuring your product data to find the information you need about a product faster.
You minimize the administrative costs associated with producing product content. The PIM system eliminates confusion and can be operated by fewer employees.
Explore the most important features of PIM from xSale
PIM from xSale is a useful extension to your eCommerce business that allows you to control all your assortment data in a more convenient and faster way.
Why PIM from xSale
PIM from xSale has several important features. Find out why our software is better than competitive solutions!
User management
Users of xSale can have dedicated system roles for separate system functions (e.g. catalog of goods, offers, orders) and for viewing, adding and editing them.
xSale RestAPI
xSale has the most feature-rich API on the market. Additionally, it has advanced facilities to export as well as import commodity data.
3 systems in one
PIM xSale has built-in integrations with eCommerce platforms, ERP systems, and shipping companies. With xSale, you can prepare goods for sale and process incoming customer orders.
xSale API has a technologically advanced API module which is used to communicate with other systems on the market.
Integration with any system you need
Our company is made up of e-commerce industry professionals. We understand that fast data exchange between and systems (like ERP, WMS and other) and the platform you sell on is essential for running an online business.
Pricing xSale PIM
Sign up and start using all features with a free 30 day trial.

net per month

25 $

Fixed fee up to 10k product records
(above dedicated offer)

Community support + helpdesk

RestAPI access

Possibility of integration with ERP system

Additional implementation package -230 $ net

How much does it cost? How quickly can I implement the system? How will you automate online sales?
Make an appointment for a DEMO of the system! We will contact you and arrange a convenient time to meet.
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