14 grudnia o godzinie 10:00 zapraszamy na webinar "Jak sprzedawać więcej w ecommerce?"

14 grudnia o godzinie 10:00 zapraszamy na webinar
"Jak sprzedawać więcej w ecommerce?"

Jedna aplikacja do zarządzania
i automatyzacji sprzedaży online
One system to
xSale replaces multiple tools integrating stores, marketplace, warehouse, and accounting systems. It automates sales processes, optimizes the users' work, and supports the sale of goods using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.
Kompleksowo zarządzaj bazą produktową dzięki systemowi PIM od xSale
xSale to Twoje centrum treści produktowych i ich dystrybucji do różnych kanałów sprzedaży. W łatwy sposób kontrolujesz wszystkie swoje produkty w jednym miejscu dzięki intuicyjnej aplikacji.
All essential integrations for eCommerce
Integrate with over 30 of the most popular systems. Platforms sales,
couriers, ERP systems, printout engine in one intuitive xSale application.
E-commerce platforms

From xSale you will list products on many different sales channels. Allegro, Zalando, eBay, Amazon and many more.

​ & shipping

Fast shipment processing thanks to integration with most courier companies. DPD, GLS, DHL, FedEx and many more…


The two-way integration with ERP provides the fastest data synchronization times between ERP and your sales channels. This ensures that your offerings are always up to date.


Complexly manage your product database. Your hub for product content and its distribution to various sales channels


Automatic printing of courier labels and warehouse documents.

Get to know the most important features of xSale
Thanks to xSale you will start managing online sales effectively. See what features
will help you achieve this goal.

Automatic synchronization of all connected channels in accordance with the state in the warehouse

Manage orders from all sales channels, accepted in person or over the phone

Immediate change of product prices on all connected channels

Unlimited integration with external systems: ERP, Marketplace, eStore or CRM

Advanced product and offer management on integrated sales channels

Pre-sales and post-sales automation of warehouse and accounting systems

Multilingual, multicurrency and OSS

Shipping from a single panel (automatically, one by one or in bulk)

Automatic status changes on Marketplace and eShops

Why xSale ?

xSale distinguishes several important features. Find out why we are better than the competition!

Support and helpdesk
as standard

We are always ready to answer your questions and provide the help you need. Users of xSale do not have to search for solutions in forums or Facebook groups!

Unbeatable sync time

Updating your data in xSale happens instantly, you don’t have to wait for hours.

ERP automation
as standard

xSale comes standard with a lot of automated processes that we can configure according to the specifics of your e-commmerce.

Easiest offer management
across multiple sales channels

When you use xSale, you don’t have to move between sales channels. You manage your offer from any channel.

Support for international VAT rates (One Stop Shop)

We are experienced in handling orders with international VAT rates. „E-commerce package” is not new to us!

Artificial intelligence

We develop and implement adaptive AI algorithms. They will serve real-time economic decision-making for medium and large eCommerce enterprises.
Choose a package for your company. Do you have questions? Not sure which option is best for your business? Contact our experts.

xSale Light


from 100 PLN Net prices /month

Fixed fee up to 1500 orders

Turnkey implementation: PLN 300

Community support + service package

1 sales channel

Any couriers



600 zł

from 299 PLN Net prices/month



Fixed fee up to 1000 orders.
+ 299 PLN net / 1000 orders

Turnkey implementation: PLN 1500

Community support + service package

Multiple sales channels

Any couriers

Sales automation

How much does it cost? How quickly can I implement the system? How will you automate online sales?
Make an appointment for a DEMO of the system! We will contact you and arrange a convenient time to meet.
xSale from Futuriti S.A.
Babińskiego 69 Street
30-393 Kraków
VAT ID: 6762542702
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Our clients appreciate xSale
More than 1000 companies trust us. Join them and see how much you can gain
More than 1000 companies trust us. Join them and see how much you can gain
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Interested in xSale? Fill in the form below - we will contact you and arrange a convenient date of the system presentatio

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